Ramadan fasting is a period of 30 days observed by muslim faithfuls to abstain themselves from bodily pleasures and seek God’s intervention in their lives. This year’s fasting started on June 6th.

 5 Unknown health benefits of Ramadan Fasting

Most people rationalise that life is
already hard enough, without voluntarily depriving yourself of necessities like
food, sleep and habits that one normally indulges in. However, apart from the
spiritual aspect of fasting, which brings you closer to your Creator and allows
you to reflect on your life in relation to eternity, fasting also has some incredible health benefits that people don’t know
about. Some of these health benefits are surprising, and would encourage the
sceptical ones to try it.

  1.          Fasting helps to speed up
    metabolism and burn calories and fat more efficiently. This way, people that
    fast regularly are in shape, even without exercise.
  2.          Fasting helps to clear the skin
    and reduce acne and skin conditions. This is because the huge amount energy required
    fordigestion is redirected to boosting other systemswhen there is no food to be
  3.          Fasting helps to reset eating
    patterns. We humans tend to eat when we
    see food, not necessarily when we are hungry. So when we fast, it helps to
    reset our eating habits.
  4.          When people fast for long
    periods, it helps to rid them of some habits and addictions they wouldn’t normally be able to stay away from.
  5.          Ramadan fasting teaches people
    to share, forgive, pray and control bodily desires. This helps people to be
    more at peace with themselves and others around them; which does wonders for
    the mind and body.
   While observing this fasting, check out a pictorial view of Ramadan Dos and Donts:
Ramadan Dos and Donts
Ramadan Dos and Donts
So, stop you stop viewing fasting as an
unnecessary punishment and start seeing it as a method of cleansing your body
spiritually and physically after a year of reckless living. At the end of the
fasting period though, you deserve to be
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