Outline for the Flower in the garden bead design
Flower in the Garden bead design
Flower in the Garden bead design
Materials needed:
0.30mm Fishing line
Beading needle
Sandbeads size 2
Crystal beads size 8 or 10

Step 1: Pick 8 beads into the fishing line and tie,cut the excess fishing line.
Step 2: Pass the needle into one of the beads after the knot.
Step 3: Pick 1 sand bead,1 crystal bead,3 sand bead,1 crystal and 1 sand bead.
Step 4: Pass the needle into the same crystal that you passed your needle through in step 2.
Step 5: Pick 8 sand beads and then pass the needle into the 3 sand beads in step 3.
Step 6: Pick another 8 sand beads and pass your needle into the crystal bead in step 2.
Note: Step 2 to 6 will be on a single crystal out of the 8 crystals you started with.
Step 7: To proceed, pass your needle into the next crystal out of the 8 crystals and Repeat step 2 to
You can either increase or decrease the number of crystal beads you start with depending on how
big or small you want it to be. This can be used as a brooch, earring or even a neck piece by joining as many as can create to make your statement fashion piece.

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Happy beading!

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