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High heels are any girl’s dream and a kind of a magnet for
men. But not any girl can wear them, because it requires certain skills.
Wedge-heeled shoes is a great alternative to high heels. Wedge shoes means
heeled solid sole that connects the heel and foot. On the heel this sole is
much higher and this creates the illusion of high heels. However, it doesn`t
cause you inconvenience when you wear it, because wedges are extremely stable
and very comfortable.

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Wedge with animal print design
Shoes or sandals on
platform may have a sole that performs two functions simultaneously – be very
comfortable wedge, and have a platform under foot and toes, the height of which
is often quite awesome. However, this will depend on your personal preferences,
and wedge can end under the foot.
However, any fashionista
will say with confidence that wedge shoes are incredibly popular today and
presented in a variety of options.

How to choose

     The versatility of the
wedge-heeled shoe is its ability to decorate and make incredibly feminine
attire in any style, whether it’s a casual suit, office suit or evening dress.
The main thing is to choose the right model!
     Perfect option is the
combination – complement wedge-heeled shoes with a long, flowing skirt or dress
with flared bottom.
     You can also combine
the wedge shoes with skirt-pants, flared jeans and trousers, wide along its
entire length.
     If you choose your
outfit in the style of “La Bohème”, “ethnic” or
“hippies” and combine it with wedge-heeled shoes, then you’ll create
a complete and very harmonious image.

 wedge 3-Typearls
Footwear, made in the form of wedges platform occupies one
of leading places in best designers collections, while the platform can be
pretty broad, referring the size of a foot and narrow, with a bevel at the
level of toes and heel, and on the sides.

Wedge-heeled shoes on fashion catwalks is an integral part
of images created by women’s fashion designers – both business ones and strict,
and naturally creative. As additions to wedge shoes designers offer decorating
it with various ornaments, animal, wild prints, upholstered fabrics, including
lace and embroidered by hand, as well as decorate with beads, sequins,
rhinestones and rivets.
 wedge4-Typearlswedge 5-Typearls

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