Outline for Russian spiral using Bugle beads
A Russian Spiral Bracelet , using pink bugle beads
A Russian Spiral Bracelet , using pink bugle beads
▷Crystal bead size 4 (Cb)
▷Bugle beads (bb)
▷0.35 fishing line
▷Beading needle
▷Coned shape beads or glass beads

▷Cut fishing line
▷On right side, string 1cb, 2bb, 1cb, 2bb then cross with the last 2bb inserted
▷On right side, insert 1cb, 2bb and cross with the last inserted bb
▷Continue the previous step until you get 10bb
▷String 1cb on right side and cross with the first bb started with
▷String 1cb and cross with it
▷At the left side, string 2bb, 1cb and cross with 2 bb
▷Pass right side fl into the next cb and string 1cb, 2bb on left and cross with 2 bb
▷Continue previous step until you have 9bb
▷Pass fishing line into the next cb and the first 2cb started work with
▷String I cb on left side and cross at it
▷Continue till desired length.

▷Cut a new fishing line
▷String 10 cone beads and place in the middle of each set
▷Tie and cut off
▷Repeat the same phase 2 for each set before going to the next stage.

Attach appropriate hooks or clasps .

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