Skills including Wedding decorations, makeup and skincare, bag and shoe making, beading, jewelry design, hairdressing, soap making, cream and natural organic products production,sewing clothes, wig making, painting, wig making and hair fixing, are the fastest selling skills  in Nigeria presently. The demand for them are on the increase and if you are one of the few lucky ones who can combine creativity, ingenuity with their skill sets, then you can be relaxed as you work your way to being a successful entrepreneur.

Get trained on profitable Handcrafts in 2016

For those who are yet to own a profitable skill or will like to add to their skill set, Typearls offer a monthly training program for would be independent small business owners. Here is a timetable for 2016 trainings.

1. July 2016- Ankara crafts, bag and shoe making from local materials . New skills to be learn that are included in the course are backpacks, Fabric caps, fabric phone cases,  and Toms.
ankara crafts backpacks, Fabric caps, fabric phone cases,

2. August 2016- 

  •  Natural organic products including soaps, creams, perfumes, deodorants, insecticides and lightening cleansers. All made from pure , undiluted, chemical free naturally ingredients.  
  • Wig making
  • Makeup, skincare the natural way

Note there are a combination of 3 courses offered in August 2016. 

3. September 2016– Venue decoration, party planning, children party organizing, balloon and flower arrangement.
Venue decoration, party planning, children party organizing, balloon and flower arrangement.

4. October 2016-  Beads and wirework trainings. 

5. November 2016- Small chops , juice making, ice cream and cocktail drinks
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party specialist

Bonus: Hat making, hand fans and hair fascinators training for all courses taken.

Important information:

1. Physical Classes are held three times a week (Mon, wed and Fri) for weekend day classes and Saturdays only for weekend classes.
2. All interested applicants/ trainees must be willing to put in a minimum of one month training or four weekends. If you miss a class, there is opportunity for an extension, but subsequent absence from 3 classes means a forfeiture.  Students must also abide by rules and regulation of the training institute.
3. Payments must be made before commencement of any class. Two-thirds before and balance in the middle of the training.
4. Certificates are offered on all courses.
5. For long distance and time limited trainees, online classes are offered with full package of videos, eBooks and whats app chats.
6. Current and past trainees can join whatsapp group  on Creative skills to continue to learn, connect and network at no fee.
7. Any one can participate, young or old, male or female but must be w illing and ready to learn. Churches, schools, institutions can organize mass trainings for their members.  Send mail to for more details.

Testimonial from a blog visitor converted to student/client
Testimonial from a blog visitor converted to student/client

Fees advice:
Full month training- N30000
Weeknd training- N15000
30% Discounts offered for past students and students taking more than one course.

Information will be updated as more classes become more available.

What are you waiting for. Apply here

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