Four line spiral design
Four line spiral design.

Materials needed:

Fishing line (fl) (0.35mm)
Seed beads (sb)  (size 2) 
5 layer hook
5 layer divider 
Crystal beads (cb)

1. Cut 2 equal length of long fishing lines.
2. Pass into a stopper and hook then pass back into the stopper, now you have  4 fls of equal length .
3. Pick 20 crystals and insert into all the 4 fls.
4. Pass the 4fls into the first hole of the divider.
5: Pick 4sb and insert into all the fls together.
6. Separate the 4fls into 2groups, you should have 2fls in each group
Tip: To avoid confusion, label the first 2 fls as A and B , the next two as C and D. 
 7. Pick 4sb with A fl, another 4sb with B fl and cross with 1cb in group 1
 8. Repeat (7) for group 2
9. Pick a (A) fl from Group 1 and another (B) fl from Group 2 and repeat (7).
10. Pick a (B) fl from Group 1 and another (D) fl from Group 2 then repeat 7
11. Alternate steps (9) and (10) till you reach the desired lenght of the first layer.
12 . Pass all the 4fls into the first hole of the 2nd divider.
 13. Pick 20 crystals
 14. Pass the 4fls into a stopper and hook, pass them back into the stopper.
15.  The first layer is now finished,for subsequent layers, increase the crystals by 1 and increase the length in front .
Happy beading!
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