My daily beauty routine works wonders for my skin- Esther Ijewere Kalejaiye

Founder of Women of rubies organisation , Esther Ijewere Kalejaiye,shares her daily beauty routine that keeps her skin glowing and smooth.

” Though I’m not your typical all make up glammed up person, but I take good care of my skin and drink a “lot” of water . My skin is one asset I don’t joke with, so I take good care of it.
Unbelievably, my makeup kit contents are limited to;

Esther Ijewere Kalejaiye
Skin needs water to glow  and the right beauty products to enhance its loveliness

1. One eyeshadow palette
2. Two eye pencils
3. Lip gloss
4. An eyeliner
But I use only Milani products and papaya soap.

My beauty recipe consists of Drinking water, washing with Papaya soap and using Milani products.”

And I quite agree with her, Milani products are the best right now especially the powder. They are ideal for red toned, African and black skins.Also the benefits of water for a healthy skin cannot be over emphasized, water rejuvenates, encourages blood flow and keeps the skin hydrated.

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