The struggle of the average Nigerian these
days is how to balance the books in terms of budget and spending. Commodities
that people used to be able to buy with no thought have now become so out of
reach. That being said, how are people
supposed to go out and enjoy the Eid-al-Fitri holiday when there is barely any
extra money left over, after buying necessities? Not everyone can afford to
take a leisure trip to places like Abuja or Calabar to pamper
themselves during the two days marked out for the holiday.The truth is there are many ways for the
average Lagosian to get the most out of the holiday without spending a whole
lot of money. These are some things individuals and families can do to have a
swell time on less than 5000 Naira.


  1. Visit the Lekki Leisure Lake, where you can have fun in the water with different water sports or just enjoy a lazy day on the beautiful shore.
  2.  Paintballing at the any of the paintball arenas in Lagos (Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena is the most popular one) will make the day of those people that are into action and adventure.
  3.  Check out the National Museum, Onikan and learn a great deal about the history of Nigeria, instead of staying cooped up at home.
  4.  Go-kart at the Get Arena- individuals, couples, families, and friends can enjoy a day of racing and cheering for others at the Get Arena.
  5. Taking a leisurely stroll around the Freedom Park-You might be lucky enough to catch a free show. Also, the food, drinks and activities around the park are budget-friendly.
  6. Visit the Lekki Conservation Centre and get in touch with a more natural side of life
  7. Catch movie at any of the numerous cinemas in Lagos.

You see that you do not have to sit at home and
complain about thelack of money or where
to go on the amount of money you have; get into town and have a wonderful
holiday, I know I will. 

Here’s wishing everyone Eid Mubarak!

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