Have you ever been in such situation that in the process of editing  a post, You accidentally click on Delete and Wham! Just like that, a whole post gone, with all the effort and time put in. Luckily I found this post by Blogtime on how to retrieve a deleted post.

How to recover a Blogger post  you mistakenly deleted

Thank God For Google cache.

What I did to recover the deleted post
1. Search for the Google cache of my blog site. cache://typearls.com.ng
2. Press Ctrl+f To find the post id  of the particular post and blog id of my site.
3. Open a new draft and change the post id and blog id in the url. Press Enter. I got a Whoops! error, So I copied the whole post from the draft , pasted in a new post and published. (Remember to copy the labels, search description, change the permalink )   .
Press Ctrl+f To find the post id  of the particular post and blog id of my site
4. Though I lost the original post views count  but it is better than losing the whole post entirely and constructing another one from scratch.

The original post is now available here .

And before your blog gets deleted and have no hope of recovery. Do backitup on Google drive, your hard drive or drop box.

via Blogger http://ift.tt/29siPVU