Stories that touch: The most wanted Maid (Episode 1)

Episode 1

Angela wiped the sweats off her face as she moped
the floor of the kitchen. It was Saturday, so she has decided to keep everywhere
clean and tidy.
She did the cleaning in a hurry and started preparing dinner.
She didn’t go to her boutique that very day. She just felt like resting at home.
David, her dear husband would soon be returning from work.
She wanted him to eat as soon as he returns and take some rest.
She heaved as she ran about the kitchen.
“I am tired. I’m just stressed up. I think I need a
maid” She sighed, nodding to her thoughts.
Angela was in her late twenties. She got married to
David three years ago, but they are yet to have an issue.
Angela and David had been friends right from their
university days. 
They fell in love with each other and were always found together.
After David’s graduation, securing a job became a
problem. Angela also tried all she could to help David get a
job.She lied to her father on several occasions
in order to extort money from him to help David’s job seeking
process. However,David later got a job in a very rich company. It happened that when Angela
eventually graduated from the university,she found it very
hard to get a job.Despite everything her father did.David was not left out in helping her
seek for job but all to no avail.
David,later convinced her to worry about nothing since
he had the money to cater for them.
After their wedding,David opened a cosmetic shop for
her,according to her wish. David became more and
more successful as if their marriage had a hand in it.
They enjoyed a sweet and romantic
union without troubles,but the only worry that was lurking in the corner was their inability to
have a child yet. They had gone to different
hospitals to find out the cause of the problem.However,all the
doctors kept saying the same thing.That there’s nothing
wrong with any of them,While urging them to wait for God’s
time.This didn’t bother David at all.He believed God’s time is the
best.He remembered a couple who spent up to 10 years
together before the wife conceived. Hence,the situation
at hand didn’t affect his undying love for her
Angela heard a car hunk within the compound.she knew it was no other person than her
beloved husband. 
“Hello honey.I’m hooooome”he
soon emerged from the door.Angela came out from the
room and kissed him welcome.
“How was work today?”She asked as she collected the
briefcase from him. “Good,my dear.Just that i am
tired,weak and hungry”He
“Then,its not a problem.I will take care of that”Angela said as
she took him by the hand and led him in.
It was actually late in the night
when Angela brought up the topic of bringing in a
maid.David objected to this idea.He wondered why she
would want to bring in a maid.Angela never did any
laundry.The washing was always done by the dry cleaner.They were only living in
a flat and not two storey.
What could make her want to bringin a maid?
He totally rejected the idea.Angela only cooked in the evenings when she gets back
from her cosmetics shop.
They normally take beverages with bread in the morning,though Angela sometimes prepare something different. Angela became sad and moody at her husband’s disapproval.
But little did she know she was asking for her downfall.

To be continued………………..

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