10 Earth shaking things that occurs when Women prays

I recently attended an event “When Women prays”, a prayer programme organised by the Victorious praying women ministry (Vpwm) led by Pastor Mayokun Oreofe . It is a powerful program that I recommend to mothers, wives, sit at homes wives,, female entrepreneurs, single and married ladies .No matter the age, religious inclination or background.  Why will I recommend this, because I want you to also realize that When women prays, these unusual things manifest.

Chains are brokenHomes are restoredLives are createdSoul ties are strengthenedBlessings are unfoldedBroken hearts are mendedHeaven gates are openedSins are forgivenHealing is sure Sickness is banishedAnd the devil is put to shame.

Its a season of sickle harvest
Its a season of sickle harvest

Pictures from When women prays program held in Ibadan last Thursday
Pictures from When women prays program held in Ibadan last Thursday

Women! no more time to rest or relax, it is now time to possess and conquer new territories. Hillary Clinton is an example, an evidence that with prayers nothing is impossible. It may not be her prayer, but prayers of other women who prayed to see a woman achieving what seems unattainable.

Vpwm holds prayer meetings every Tuesday In Ikeja, Lagos and on Thursdays at Bodija, Ibadan for those willing to attend.

However, not every woman has a prayer point or has a strong motivating factor to pray. If not, Just pray for me Christina ad pray for your country.
God bless you.


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