Turmeric , an orangish substance is of the ginger family, it is called Haldi in India and for the past  5000years has been used in numerous beauty and skin care products because it contains antioxidants and antibacterial agents like omega and alpha hydroxyl substances necessary for healthy skin.

In case you don’t know,here are some of Turmeric healthy benefits :

1. Hair care treatment: Hair loss Remedies, Hair growth and treatment when used as shampoo or  hair conditioner.

2. Healing balm: it heals burns and wounds naturally

3. Anti aging agent:  It keeps Skin looking young and fresh by stimulating new cell growths and help keep the skin’s elasticity intact.

4. Facial hair control

5. Skin toning : It acts as natural lightening pigmentation and even out skin tone.

6. Hair recovery : Control Dandruff , Hair loss and  itching

7. Oil control: Controls oily skin

8. Stretch make remover: Lighten stretch marks, and uneven skin patch.

9. Eliminates acne and dark spots : Cures Acnes

10. Heals Cracked Heels.

11. Weight loss:  When you take tumeric orally, it helps to loss Belly fat quickly and shed unnecessary weight .

12.  Skin restoration and rejuvenation :  Restores healthy pallor to skin and make you beautiful every time.

To buy:
Turmeric 1kg costs N5500
And 0.5 kg costs N2800

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