Name:Amosu Odunayo
Brand name;Eniobanke creation
Yrs in business: 4years
Motivation: My passion for creativity most especially in the area of fashion motivated me and also my love for the Africa culture. Eniobanke makes lovely beads that you look really good coupled with the transforming makeovers.
Challenges: whoops!!! The number one challenge have faced as a beader is that after investing your time n putting in ur best for a particular design, d customer comes just to tell u she doesn’t like it.the second challenge is how everyone suddenly turned into a beader overnight n spoiling market for those of us dat spent money n time to acquire the knowledge.
Role model:I have alot of creative minds i appreciate n look up to.d likes of Typearls, daisy,yeyeoba,electrify and irresistible.
Worst moment wt a customer: my worst moment wt a customer is same wt my number one challenge, A customer ordered for a particular design which i did putting in my best infact the job took me 3 days,everyone that saw it fell in love wt it.I got to my customer’s place just to hear I don’t like it just loose everything… Hmmm i felt like breaking her head when i remembered the shit (customers are always right)I kept quite gave her a fake smile and asked what do u want ma?She shouted for some minutes and we finally reach a conclusion to do another design and deliver it the nest day. I smiled again and left her.I almost cried on my way home sincerely it wasn’t a good experience.
Favorite memory;my favourite memory was when i made beads for a bride,I attended the party and immediately i stepped in i started getting compliments even from d gate.that feels really good.
Advice for other beaders: Be unique and stay focus.

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