Coffee drinking has become a lifelong addiction to many adults, especially those in the western world, while some cant even start the day without a cup of coffee. So I ask, if you must drink coffee, make it presentable and rich by adding some creativity to the coffee drink. So here is a simple way of adding love shapes on a cup of coffee. 
How to make love shapes on Coffee drink
Steps involved in making  love shapes on Coffee drink
What you need
1. A prepared mug of coffee ( With Cream on top ) . Alternatively just a cup of cream.
2. A sheet of white paper or tracing paper
3. Coffee powder / grounds

1. Fold the sheet of paper in half.
2. Outline and trace out a love shape on the paper.
3. Cut out the shape.
4. Place the paper a few inches above the cup of coffee
5. Sprinkle some coffee  grounds , careful to maintain the shape and not get it messy.
6. Voila, now you can drink your well shaped coffee to your heart’s content.
Note: This can also be done for other drinks, (juice, cocoa) and ice cream.

Benefits of drinking coffee

 See other creative shapes that can be created on coffee drinks including animal faces, leaves and funny characters.

creative shapes that can be created on coffee drinks

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