For 50ltrs liquid soap.
2ltrs Sulphonic
1/2kg SLS
1/2kg Antisole
1/4kg Texapon
1/4kg soda ash
Desired Color.

Liquid soap making process
1. Soak 1/2kg Antisole in 40ltrs of water for 24hrs.
Note! You are to soak for 24hrs not just soaking overnight.
2.  Soak 1/2kg SLS in 2ltrs of water overnight.
When d Antisole is fully dissolved and glossy, pour d dissolved SLS inside the dissolved Antisole.
Get another bucket, pour 2ltrs of water in it and pour d 1/4kg soda ash inside d water and stir until its fully dissolved.
Pour 1/4kg texapon inside d dissolves soda ash and continue to stir until its thick and creamy white.
Pour d 2ltrs Sulphonic inside d mixed soda ash and texapon and stir vigorously until lather is formed. Then pour d mixture Into the Antisole and stir gently until its mixes well. Pour formalin and stir, pour perfume and stir, mixes desired color in water and den pour inside d soap. Stir everything together and ur soap is ready for use

Always make sure you soak your antisole for complete 24hrs or even more, this is so dat u can get dat glossy texture and there won't be lumps.
Make sure you mix texapon very well with d soda ash, so it will be smooth and creamy

Antisole is Thickener
Sulphonic is foaming agent
SLS is foam booster, it supports sulphonic.
Texapon acts on oil and grease
Soda ash removes dirt from clothes
Formalin is d preservative

Note! Its sulphoNic and not sulphoRic.
Sulphoric is used for toilet wash

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