My name is Moyo Jegede, owner of CleanClear Services, a cleaning service outfit based in Lagos.

What we do:
Cleaning service (House,Compound,Industrial,fumigation)
House moving.
Housemaid service
After party clean up
Pre and after Event cleaning.

How I started :

When I  lost my twin kids ,they died at premature at 5months. I was devastated and always went to the altar to pray and sleep. I started sweeping the church.
I told a friend I wanted to start a business she said what do I enjoy doing? I answered cleaning, so she encouraged me to start the business which  I did and here we are today. I have never regretted my decision.

My experience and challenge in the cleaning business:
At the initial stage when I started,
it wasnt easy at first ….but I kept asking GOD for directions
My first job was a viewing centre, I was paid 4500 and had a gain of 500 after paying back cash that was borrowed  to buy all I needed.
I  remember crying so badly but I was undettered, so i sat down , thought of new means of gaining publicity  and make my business grow , I  started posting  on social media…shared fliers around …told a friend to tell a friend.
Surprisingly the jobs started coming and took away my deep thoughts and worries.
I have done some jobs in lekki..ikeja…surulere, thats where the bulkof my clients are. Ikeja and Surulere. I am hopeful more in other locations will come.

I do mostly houses,sometimes I go to job sites to supervise, other times I join in. I usually collect half payment before the job and the balance after the job has been completed and customer satisfied. I pay my workers immediately on that same day .

As an aspiring entrepreneur, some months I get jobs, other months are less busy but I keep praying ,staying positive and hussle on.
All I  strive to do is be independent take care of my mum,family and make a positive impact.

There is an inner happiness I have that I cant  express when I realise Ican be financially independent not relying on anyone for money.
In all I am grateful to GOD for the journey so far.

To contact Moyo  for cleaning services.
20 Jubril Martins street, lawanson,Surulere. Lagos.

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